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Ten Mac Business Apps Worth Checking out

Congratulations, Mac-based freelancer or business owner! Maybe you're just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey or perhaps you're gearing up to take things to the next level. Either...

Microsoft Windows Marketplace choice apps

We browsed through Windows Mobile 6.1 apps to find out what

Can your iPhone replace your laptop?

Writer Galen Gruman finds the iPhone 3G comes very close to being a laptop replacement for many basic business and field-service uses

Can your BlackBerry replace your laptop?

Writer Galen Gruman spends a laptop-free month and sets out to discover just how much work you can do on a BlackBerry Bold 9000 and an iPhone 3G

Why you shouldn’t use Windows’ built-in encryption tool

Windows' Encryption Files System might make sense for some office environments, but the NTFS-based Microsoft encryption tool can give others access to your sensitive data

Shopping cart: File Syncing services

Syncplicity stores deleted versions of files and offers integration with Facebook and Google. Find out how it compares to BeInsync and Dropbox

Review: All-in-one server offers 12 hard drives

The StorageWorks Ai0 122 is designed to be easy to install and remotely accessed. IT World Canada's IT director looks more closely at the database storage and scheduled backups

Workshare ships Protect Crypto

The security service can encrypt disks, removable media and folders. It also has a management console.

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