Articles Related to FIPS

McAfee and MXI Security share encryption technology for government devices

GAO report finds 70 per cent of laptops and handhelds are not encrypted at federal agencies

McAfee and MXI Security team up for government encryption

Government agencies in Canada and the U.S. will have more options for encrypting data on portable devices. A recent report suggests they'll need all the help they can get

US agencies scramble to meet security deadline

Two years ago U.S. President George Bush ordered the federal government to be ready by this Oct. 27 to issue a standards-based identity card that federal employees and government contractors would use for computer and building access.

US-Canadian group suspends certification for open-source app

A joint U.S. and Canadian organization that certifies encryption tools for use by federal government agencies has suspended its validation of OpenSSL cryptographic technology for the second time in less than six months.

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