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In financial services, old data can lead to new insights – Part 1

This is the first part of a multi-part series that will hopefully get you thinking about how to better leverage your own data. There is...

‘Digital Dust,’ and tracking the true costs of analytics in an increasingly paperless society

As we hurtle towards a paperless society, the trail of “digital dust” that companies and individuals leave behind is a valuable resource for enforcement agencies. Exploring key takeaways from a recent government analytics forum.

Are Your Files Secure?

From FISMA to PCI DSS, financial services need to comply with a great deal of regulatory requirements-most of which involve data security. And while...

File Sharing and Collaboration Leads to Security Gaps in Financial Services Firms

There are few industries facing more regulatory scrutiny than the financial sector, much of which covers data security. With hefty fines, strategic and operational...

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