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Registry hack allows Windows XP SP2 patching

An F-Secure Corp. security specialist published a tweak designed to trick Microsoft Corp.'s security updates into thinking Windows XP Service Pack 2 is really SP3. But he recommends upgrading to Service Pack 3 over hacking the operating system

Hackers rigged PDFs to attack Google, Adobe

Analysts at VeriSign Inc. said attacks were launched by attaching malicious files to e-mails but later retracted its claim. Adobe Systems Inc. has patched a vulnerability in its Portable Document Format (PDF) software but a researcher from F-Secure Corp. says PDFs were used to attack both Adobe and Google Inc.

Chinese firms release first text message worm

Victims of the Sexy Space worm are even made to pay for every spam message sent through their Symbian OS-based mobile phones by the SMS worm rnrn

Microsoft security team probing new Word flaw

Microsoft's software security team is examining a new flaw in Word but is uncertain when it can release a patch to the vulnerability that opens a gateway for hackers to grab control of a victim's computer.

Cabir mobile phone virus spreads to France, Japan

Mobile phones infected with the Cabir virus have turned up in Japan and France, according to antivirus software company F-Secure Corp. of Helsinki.

New, virulent Cabir mobile phone worms spotted

Two new versions of a computer virus that affects mobile phones were discovered in late December with new features that allow them to spread more quickly between vulnerable devices, according to antivirus company F-Secure Corp.

New Bagel.U a virus of few words

Antivirus software companies are again warning e-mail users about a new version of the popular Bagel virus, which is spreading on the Internet through infected e-mail messages and targeting machines running the Microsoft Corp. Windows operating system.

New strain of Sobig virus circulating

Antivirus companies warned Tuesday that a new version of the Sobig virus is rapidly spreading on the Internet, the latest in a string of Sobig computer worms to be released.

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