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Bad news for Apple: EU announces deal on common charging port

It has not been a good week for Apple Computer Inc. and its iPhone development team following news yesterday that the USB Type-C will...

Cisco’s opposition to Microsoft-Skype union blocked

The European Union's General Court said Microsoft's acquisition of Skype is compatible with EU competition laws.

More criticism for anti-piracy agreement in Europe

Objectors complain expanded copyright law won't automatically help creators and it pushes changes in Internet governance that are "ludicrous and dangerous"rn

EC opens antitrust investigation of Motorola Mobility

Europe's top competition regulator has launched two antitrust investigations into Motorola Mobility

EU plan to favour copper networks attacked

Telcos say a reduction in the Internet access price of copper would lower retail prices for both current and next generation access

EU publishes ‘Digital Agenda’ five-year plan for IT

The European Commission announced its Digital Agenda. The five-year plan will set the pace for telecommunications in Europe and focuses on seven areas, including creating a digital single market, interoperability and faster broadband.

Does MySQL fit in a post-Sun world?

Oracle's control of the MySQL copyright could create new licensing headaches and bundling limits for customers. Things you should know if your organization relies on the open source database

Microsoft, Yahoo can take on a common enemy — Google

decision by U.S. and European regulators to let Microsoft and Yahoo join their search businesses could significantly heat up competition in a business that in recent years has been dominated by Google. Analysts say combination could diminish Google's search dominance over long-term.

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