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Million-dollar boost for Singapore supply chain management

Small and mid-sized organizations will be eligible for project funding, but only if they show a 10-fold improvement in performance

Sun wants to build your data centre

But at least one Gartner analyst says you might find more experienced consulting services elsewhere

Data centre designers share secrets of going green

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2008, nearly half of data centres worldwide will not have sufficient power and cooling to support new high-density server and storage gear. Experts show how to get started

Green IT products Five that can save you money

More and more companies are looking to cut costs through reducing energy consumption and doing their part for the environment. If you've already replaced the incandescent light bulbs in your office with compact fluorescent bulbs, and you're ready to take the next environmental step, check out our list of green-friendly IT products that could be a fit for your enterprise.


Show me the savings." That, it seems, is what IT purchasing managers are telling "green technology" evangelists in the vendor community. Hard-nosed pragmatism, rather than philanthropy, appears to be the dominant driver of green technology adoption, for now at least.

Be green and save green says Big Blue

Being green can save you a lot of green, is a message Big Blue is promoting heavily these days. IBM execs are emphasizing how deployment of green technologies, particularly in their data centre, can translate into hard dollar savings.

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