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How to mitigate your business risk in the new normal

With billions around the world now in lockdown, businesses have activated sometimes dated continuity plans that never envisioned their entire staff working from home. The...

Cavoukian’s order to encrypt health data not enough

Security vendor Websense says Ontario

End the endpoint security breaches

Mobile devices and USB sticks offer portability, but also a lot of problems. Watch for these warning signs

Canadian SMBs asleep at the security wheel

A Symantec survey finds 68 per cent of companies spend less than 10 per cent of the overall IT budget on safeguarding systems and data. And don't bother searching the CSO

Deperimeterize, but don’t throw out the firewall

Although attracting support worldwide, American businesses aren

IT360 – Four risk categories and how firms can respond

While enabling novel ways of interacting and conducting business, pervasive connectivity is also heightening the risk factor for many organizations, warns one industry insider

High-def videoconferencing hits the market

Polycom this week took advantage of the Polycom User Group conference to announce products to support high-definition videoconferencing. High-definition video offers 10 times the resolution (number of pixels) as standard videoconferencing, meaning better picture clarity.

In-line power gear set to grow

A proposed standard for powering network devices over Ethernet cabling is still a year from completion, but users of IP telephones and wireless LAN endpoints are adopting the technology in the meantime.

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