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Is Google eyeing big data analytics in electronic medical records?

Canada's electronic medical records initiatives could serve as model for Google's work on EMR

Newfoundland closer to electronic health record

The signing of deals between Telus and Orion Health means in two years the province will become one of the first with an integrated EHR

B.C. government sets $148M EHR project in motion

The government of British Columbia has set in motion a province-wide $148-million health-care initiative that aims to reduce wait times for medical procedures, cut costs by reducing unnecessary re-tests, and provide medical practitioners with faster access to patient information

Canadian docs need incentives, say Kiwi experts

Canadian doctors should be enticed to adopt electronic health record systems through a combination of subsidies and results-based incentives similar to those employed in New Zealand, suggests a group of Kiwi experts on tour in Canada. EHR systems will be widely used only when physicians realize the benefits the technology offers.

Australian e-health data standards close to completion

The Australian federal government is only weeks away from formalizing data standards for the country's national electronic health record system. Putting in place an immediate working model for HealthConnect is critical to meet Health Minister Tony Abbott's ambitious, 12-month time frame.

The IT doctor is in

Though the University Health Network is a world leader in patient care, it still is subject to many of the ills besetting Canada

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