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The blockchain future Don Tapscott wants for his grandchildren

In the 12 hours before taking the stage to deliver his keynote speech at the CIO Peer Forum in Toronto, author and Blockchain Research...

Online voting technical issue delays local election results across Ontario

A glitch with an online voting system has delayed the results for many of Monday’s province-wide local elections and forced a number of municipalities...

Cyber threats against Canadian democratic processes will increase, warns spy agency

Multiple hactivist groups most likely to try to disrupt next federal election, says CSE

U.S. stays with with controversial e-voting, but Canada still shy

Online voting here is limited to municipal elections and plebiscites, while some Americans are gearing up for next month's vote with touch screen machines in polling booths

Mock elections test e-voting at LinuxWorld

Open source e-voting system aims to solve U.S. national election concerns.

Democrats overseas will be casting their e-ballot

Members of Democrats Abroad in China will be eligible, along with fellow party members in other countries outside the U.S., to participate in the first-ever Democratic Global Presidential Primary, a party initiative to increase voting options for Democrats living overseas, including e-voting.

Report slams UK e-voting trials

The U.K.'s trial of e-voting and e-counting technologies during recent local elections resulted in crashed computers and technicians scratching their heads, while posing new concerns about the systems' security and reliability, a new report has concluded.

Group tallies more than 1,100 e-voting glitches

E-voting backers called the number of reported problems minor in the context of almost 50 million U.S. voters projected to use e-voting machines on Tuesday.

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