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LiveOffice adds legal hold tool to e-discovery suite

E-mail archiving and compliance firm LiveOffice has boosted its flagship e-discovery product by integrating a new cloud-based system for managing legal hold notifications. Find out about the new functionality and what it does

E-mail addiction reaches new low

Considering that 79 percent of survey respondents admited to sending emails while in the bathroom, disaster recovery software maker Neverfail believes our obsession with keeping in touch with the wokplace has gone a bit too far

Open Text debuts Outlook solution for lawyers

Outlook solutions gives lawyers the 360-degree view of cases

Platform Computing

After a years of adoption in lab settings, high-performance computing is finally branching out of academia and into corporate environments. How IT managers should prepare

Enterprise search or Google search?

Microsoft's acquisition of FAST raises questions about which works better behind the firewall.

Google brings AIM to Gmail users

The search engine giant integrates America Online's popular instant messaging service into its Web-based e-mail client, and will soon offer it in languages other than English

Security hall of shame lists winners for 2007

A review of the year's notable security mishaps, breaches and meltdowns feature TJX, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., and others

Rogers ISP antics rattle net neutrality supporters

The Canadian ISP is reportedly about to launch a service that would embed messages about bandwidth use directly onto subscriber's Web pages. Google, Boing Boing and others share their reactions

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