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Canadian SMBs very

Canadian SMBs that lack an effective e-mail filtering system could be highly vulnerable to a trojan that has infected more than five million machines so far

Red Cross pumped IT resources into DST work

To make sure its systems worked properly after the time change took effect, the nonprofit agency began grappling with the DST issue late last year

Intel can

Intel may have lost some internal e-mails that the company is required to produce in a lawsuit brought against it by Advanced Micro Devices, lawyers for the company said Monday.

Alan K

There is not a business or an individual in this business who doesn

Fighting spammers at code level

There is not a company or an individual in this business who doesn't have to deal with unsolicited e-mail, or spam, at least once a day.

Enron case highlights e-mail’s lasting trail

E-mails are messy entities, leaving little bits of themselves all over the network. That's why the attempts of employees in the Houston office of Arthur Andersen LLC to delete e-mails related to failed commodities exchange Enron were futile.

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