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RIM’s BlackBerry outage draws Gartner criticism

Canada's wireless darling apologizes for incident, which left customers without e-mail for three hours on Monday, but that might not be good enough. A consultant recommends changing devices

E-mail attacks target unpatched Word hole

Antivirus companies and the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) issued a warning Friday about sophisticated e-mail attacks that are using a previously unknown hole in Microsoft Word to infiltrate corporate networks.

Woman pleads guilty in porn spam case

A New Hampshire woman has pleaded guilty to spam-related charges in connection with a pornographic e-mail operation, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced.

Fee-based e-mail plan raises eyebrows

A plan from Yahoo Inc. and America Online Inc. (AOL) to adopt an e-mail certification system that charges mass mailers a per-message fee is stirring concern in the market.

Antivirus companies warn about Bagle.AG threat

Network administrators returning to work after the weekend can enjoy a fresh Bagle with their coffee

New Bagel.U a virus of few words

Antivirus software companies are again warning e-mail users about a new version of the popular Bagel virus, which is spreading on the Internet through infected e-mail messages and targeting machines running the Microsoft Corp. Windows operating system.

Sober virus in the wild but slow-moving

An e-mail-borne virus that apparently originated in Germany is in the wild but has not yet spread widely or affected many users, an antivirus researcher said Monday.

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