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In praise of politeness

They say you can't legislate common sense or politeness. As a recent arrest over an insulting e-mail shows, Singapore begs to differ

Opinion: BlackBerry outage: How much reliability is necessary?

How much reliability can you afford? Last Monday afternoon, BlackBerries stopped working again. For about three hours, the CrackBerry addicts couldn't get their mobile e-mail fix. The root cause: an unsuccessful infrastructure upgrade by BlackBerry vendor Research In Motion.

Spamta worm spreads like wild fire

Over 200 major incidents have been detected by PandaLabs in a two-hour span due to the mass-mailing of spam messages carrying files infected with the Spamta worm.

New Bagle worms making the rounds

Two new versions of the Bagle e-mail worm are spreading on the Internet and through peer to peer (P-to-P) file-sharing networks, according to warnings issued on Thursday by antivirus software companies. The latest Bagle variants, Bagle.AX and Bagle.AY, are the 50th and 51st versions of the original Bagle worm, which appeared in January 2004. Like the first Bagle, sometimes spelled "Beagle," versions AX and AY spread in executable files and infect machines running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system, antivirus companies said.

E-commerce attack tops McAfee’s threat ranking

A rivalry between the creators of the Netsky and Bagle viruses helped cause a dramatic increase in threats against home and enterprise computers in the first half of this year, but the most serious threat was Download.Ject, a Trojan that exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Web browser, according to McAfee Inc.

Microsoft aims to save US$1B this fiscal

Microsoft Corp. customers have heard the vendor profess that its software allows them to "do more with less," but now it's Microsoft employees' turn: The company is cutting back on benefits.

MS investigates possible Exchange 2003 flaw

Microsoft Corp. is investigating a potential security issue with Exchange Server 2003, which would be the first since the e-mail server was launched last month.

HP introduces storage management plan

Hewlett-Packard Co. added new services to its information lifecycle management (ILM) initiative on Wednesday, focusing on helping customers understand the long-term requirements of managing large IT infrastructures. And while HP said ILM is quickly becoming mission critical in certain sectors, one analyst noted that the concept still has a way to go before it will be implemented by most organizations.

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