Articles Related to E-mail archiving

Don’t lose sleep over U.S. e-discovery nightmares

What, exactly, is the difference between e-discovery laws in Canada and the U.S.? Two lawyers highlight the basics for those of us who don

Lawsuit over Gartner e-mail study should disappear

ZL Technologies sued research firm Gartner Inc. because it put ZL

Court orders White House to preserve Bush-era e-mails

With only a few days left before George Bush leaves to make way for Barack Obama, comes a report that more than 5 million e-mails over a nearly a three-year period covering the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the devastation by Hurricane Katrina has gone missing. White House staff workstations and other storage devices will be searched following a lawsuit filed by two watchdog groups

E-mail storage solutions

Archiving e-mail properly is one of the most difficult chores for companies attempting to comply with new government regulations, largely because of the sheer volume of e-mail.

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