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HOT CITIES: Buenos Aires: Surviving the crisis

Buenos Aires may still be the capital of tango, but gone are the days of the dot-coms and prosperity of the IT sector. Many local businesses have closed, and those with foreign headquarters have either moved out of the country or cut their personnel and budget.

Surviving the shakeout

A tumultuous 2001 economy delivered a strong dose of reality to the dot-com market. To avoid capsizing in today

Dot-com layoffs down for November

Aside from a spike in the number of layoffs among dot-coms after Sept. 11, the haemorrhaging of jobs at Internet companies continues to slow, according to a U.S. analyst firm.

Written Employment Agreements

With the recent fall of the dot-coms, the competition for skilled IT employees isn't quite as stiff as it used to be, but just because it's a little easier to find suitable employees, it doesn't mean you can overlook the fundamentals of good hiring practices.

Pace of dot-com layoffs slows in March

Layoffs at dot-coms continued to slow in March, indicating that once-highflying Internet companies might have cut all...

More surprises

Internet business is a constant surprise. 1999 was the year of business-to-business surprise, the explosion of trading exchanges, auction sites and successful new players like Ariba Inc. and i2 Technologies Inc. Last year was more like

The first annual and informal guerrilla survey

"Indecision may or may not be my problem." - Jimmy Buffett.In the technology business, I suppose we're all like that from time to time:...

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