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Revisiting Some Key Legal Issues

Several of the past year

PitfallsOf Third-party Data Processing

Reliance on third-party storage and data processing may be economically compelling. But to mitigate the risks, it may be prudent to include strong contractual rights for self-help in the event of non-performance.

Evolving B2B Legislation

Few would disagree that commercial activities over the Internet are creating challenges for lawyers and legislators, who must try to keep up.

Written Employment Agreements

With the recent fall of the dot-coms, the competition for skilled IT employees isn't quite as stiff as it used to be, but just because it's a little easier to find suitable employees, it doesn't mean you can overlook the fundamentals of good hiring practices.

Win/win Outsourcing

Experience has taught us how to negotiate better outsourcing arrangements. Here are some basics principles to follow.


A lot, actually, especially if it

Why Rush the Privacy Bill

Recognising that resources are not limitless isn't exactly rocket science. So what would be the sense in passing a law that would increase the burden on businesses, governments and people during the already labour-intensive year 2000 period? Little, you might say, but the federal government has embarked on a process to do just that.

Y2K Lawsuits: Let the Games Begin

If you predicted that the discussion of legal liability for Y2K failures would heat up as we got closer to the moment of truth, you were right. With the shift from compliance programs to contingency planning it is not surprising that legal responsibility for Y2K failures is the next topic for discussion. Technology suppliers have started to lobby for statutory immunity, while the plaintiffs

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