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Several communication, financial and transportation website outages reported through Canada and the U.S.

A DNS outage at Amakai knocked out a number of critical services Thursday afternoon.

CIRA officially launches free DNS firewall for consumers

Canadian Shield will block suspicious DNS requests through threat intelligence from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Essential industries are getting CIRA’s cybersecurity services for free

CIRA today announced six months of free access to CIRA DNS Firewall to all healthcare facilities, small businesses and non-profits

BlueCat turns to open source collaboration to help customers automate infrastructure

Toronto-based BlueCat Networks is the latest example of a vendor that's made its business on proprietary software code, yet is dabbling more with open...

Healthcare organizations and DNS as a layer of defence and intelligence

Mark Gaudet from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) bears some grim news about Canadian healthcare organizations today. The move to electronic data records...

Lack of trust between cyber security, network teams, survey suggests

Just over half don’t believe there is a high level of trust between cybersecurity and network teams. Read what it means and what needs to be done

Carriers can only do so much to help with mobile security: Rogers

Rogers discusses the challenges of mobile security in a BYOD world and suggests 5 tips to help.

DNS filtering a critical part of a defence in depth strategy, says CIRA official

In a webinar hosted by IT World Canada, CIRA describes its DNS Firewall service that prevents malware from communicating with malicious command and control servers

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