Articles Related to distributed computing

There’s more to distributed trust than Blockchain

The bitcoin and distributed consensus is just the early stages of a new paradigm for managing transactions and needs to go further to support enterprise-grade applications

Panzura pinpoints files with Google Maps

Primary storage via cloud provider leverages popular interface to help customers understand distributed data infrastructure

Microsoft researcher wins Turing Award

Honoured for providing the foundation for distributed computing systems

Oracle updates Tuxedo middleware

Oracle promises a lower-cost way to run legacy mainframe apps with this newest version of its online transaction processing middleware. Luring IBM mainframe users to x86-based distributed computing is one goal

Coverity to analyze Open MPI code

The San Francisco based vendor plans to help the Open MPI project analyze more than 2 million lines of code and publish the results

Computing power grids

Grid computing has attracted a lot of attention recently as companies have begun to promote the concept of accessing unlimited computing power from anywhere in the world as easily as users now log on to the Internet. While that sounds revolutionary, it's really an incremental step with a great deal of developmental history behind it. In fact, enterprises of all types are already using a simple form of grid computing within their firewalls to economically meet processing needs.


It is a wonder Garry Kasparov ever stood a chance.


It is a wonder Garry Kasparov ever stood a chance.

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