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Alcatel-Lucent completes purchase of Nortel 3G business

Alcatel-Lucent SA has closed its acquisition of Nortel Networks Corp.'s UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) mobile infrastructure business, the companies announced Tuesday.

Getting in on IT outsourcing

Free enterprise is all about gravitating to where "opportunity" is, and in a fiercely competitive market opportunity resides in countries that offer cheap skilled labour. That's why tens of thousands of jobs, including IT jobs and projects, continue to be off-shored to destinations with a big supply of relatively cheap, highly-skilled labour.

Workspaces is targeting those who GotDotNet

In an effort to provide .Net developers with a way to work in virtual, collaborative communities, Microsoft Corp. this month took the wraps off GotDotNet Workspaces 1.0.

A do-it-yourself Web site update

Bob Palmer, vice-president of IT at Lenox Collections, set out with a team of developers to revamp to more closely align the site with the company

Project management must be accountable

Many techniques of developing and implementing Internet technologies came from the traditional world of software development.

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