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Six everyday desk security mistakes

Your staff's desks may be one of the largest holes in a company's security plan

The other ESD

In busy offices across Canada, phones ring steadily with questions from citizens about where and how to get government services. Appointments are booked for people seeking in-person advice. E-mail boxes are crammed and fax machines hum with complaints and queries.


This pilot fish

Vanguard releases new products to improve mainframe security

IT managers have a new weapon in their battle to protect corporate data, according to Vanguard Integrity Professionals. The software maker says the latest...

Filing for productivity

The gray cubicles that surround your IT staff are high and closed off. The fluorescent lights illuminating the windowless basement space shine harshly on the code-inscribed whiteboards, the only adornments on the dingy walls. Excess hardware, outdated software manuals and tangles of power cords haphazardly reside in the common areas. If your IT department functions in such a grim environment, and you've noticed that your staff's productivity is suffering, it's no coincidence.

A million here, a million there

Back in the days of mainframe computing, I was working for a distributor of jewellery.

Home office evolutionary theory

Over time teleworkers

Portal to savings?

Corporations are forever seeking ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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