Articles Related to data transmission

Commerce Commission takes Telecom NZ to court

The Commerce Commission is finally taking Telecom New Zealand Ltd. to court for allegedly "deterr(ing) competition in markets involving high-speed data transmission".

Intel to brand wireless architecture as ‘Centrino’

Intel Corp. has chosen Centrino, the Italian word for a lace table centrepiece or doily, as the brand name for its forthcoming wireless computing technology, it announced Wednesday.

Hitachi launches 802.11a desktop PCs

Hitachi Ltd. launched a range of desktop computers on Monday with internal wireless LAN modems that support the IEEE 802.11a standard, the company said, claiming a world first for such products.

The networking year ahead

The year 1998 saw the beginning of the end for the two distinct worlds of datacom and telecom. In 1999, enterprise networking moves to a voice/data-blended place.

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