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Text mining taps into customer sentiment

When bad economic times are forcing some companies to scale back offerings, text mining can be a useful technology to ensuring the right products are cut, said a Forrester Research analyst. Text mining software vendor Clarabridge discusses the optimum data sources

PureShare platform translates

Business intelligence can mean making use of more than just the traditional data sources, and third-party developers can fill in the gaps by building adaptors, said PureShare Corp.'s CEO. Why the company calls it

Microsoft lays out SQL Server road map

The software giant hopes to redefine business intelligence and data warehousing with its strategy for SQL Server and a range of add-ons

Seek – intelligently – and ye shall find

A recent study finds knowledge workers spend more than twice as much time re-creating content as they spend creating new content. Without effective companywide search techniques, users end up wasting time as they hunt across multiple systems for a piece of information.

NASA testing SHIP for Space Station

NASA is testing an application that uses Web services and enterprise information integration (EII) technology to aggregate data from disparate sources in order to diagnose and resolve problems detected on the International Space Station.

Cognos 8 BI joins the standardization move

Keeping in line with its competitors, Ottawa

IBI takes analytics to edge

When even U.S. space agency NASA is bringing business intelligence (BI) onboard to improve its IT processes, the average enterprise should stand up and take notice. Ronald Phelps, program manager for National Aeronautics and Space Administration

SAS Enterprise Miner 5.1 digs into data

A vital but rare skill among technology management teams is the ability to prepare and apply tools that help an organization adapt to the present and future and not just respond to the recent past.

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