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Tableau set for BI feast

The dream of effortless BI deployment has always been sweeter than the reality. Some of the most significant barriers arise during acquisition. Combing through the components to figure out which ones you must buy to get the features you're looking for can feel like rummaging through a really expensive, very high-tech flea market.

SAS Enterprise Miner 5.1 digs into data

A vital but rare skill among technology management teams is the ability to prepare and apply tools that help an organization adapt to the present and future and not just respond to the recent past.

Defining KM

In defense of the wacky misinformation pundits spew about KM (knowledge management), it really is challenging for technologists and business people to get their minds around KM technology.

KM’s father figure: Robert Buckman

No one can lay claim to originating the term knowledge management, but a big share of credit goes to the person who first turned the concept into a highly functional, industrial-grade reality: Robert Buckman, semi-retired CEO of Buckman Laboratories International Inc., a Memphis, Tenn.-based chemical company with approximately 1,400 employees in 80 countries.

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