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Veeam puts its money where its mouth is with ransomware warranty program

The big news from Veeam’s Software’s launch on Tuesday of what it simply called the new Veeam Data Platform was not the introduction of...

Your organization’s security revolves around one thing: your people

Data and IT systems security are often viewed as the responsibility of the CIO. In truth, data security is the domain of everybody in the organization. Not focusing on the human side of security can put everything at risk.

Drones pose new threats to data centre security

A new threat has emerged in the form of unmanned drones, and a different type of perimeter is necessary to protect data centre operations.

MFA is the key to maintaining cyber insurance coverage in Canada

Canadian businesses operating online without appropriate security mechanisms are leaving themselves exposed to cyber threats, and the insurance industry is responding with new requirements.

8 essential components to a compliant privacy notice

Despite the risks, many organizations don't thoroughly vet their privacy notices and consent requirements, which is how they often wind up being non-compliant and ultimately run into trouble.

Facebook Makes Some Message Boards Private To Stop Leaks

Facebook plans to make some groups on its internal workplace messaging boards private.

U.S. Submits Recommendations On App Data Security

The Commerce Department has issued an initial set of data security recommendations under an executive order signed by U.S. President.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association says facial recognition tech in Canada should be suspended

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) has released two reports examining the state of facial recognition technology (FRT) in Canada and globally, and is calling for a moratorium on the controversial technology.

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