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Data deletion policy key to reducing breach risks, Canadian privacy pros told

Every organization needs a data retention policy that sets out when information is to be erased. Read how to do it

BC government mismanaged emails and broke law, investigation finds

The BC Government contravened a key privacy law by mismanaging and in some cases wilfully deleting emails, according to a report by the provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Firms still not acting on data retention

Majority of businesses believe they should implement data deletion policies but end up keeping information longer than they shouldrn

Microsoft lawyer urges new cloud computing EU laws

EU data protection laws are out of date and need to be harmonized better, said Microsoft head legal counsel Brad Smith. Current laws go back to the mid-1990s when cloud computing was limited mostly to online e-mail

Canadian ISVs digest Google’s cookie policy

Local software firms say the search engine's two-year expiry doesn't mean they are likely to follow suit, but CIPPIC makes the case for a consistent approach by all vendors that's compliant with the law

Holes in Google

Some Google observers are concerned that a new privacy policy announced by the Web search giant may contain holes that could make it possible to connect search logs to the names of users, potentially defeating the purpose of Google's plan to make records about user searches anonymous after 18 to 24 months.

War clouds gather over access

Police, Internet providers bicker over cost of proposed Web monitoring law

ISP access clash looms

A battle is looming between law enforcement agencies and ISPs over who should pay for a project that would give police easier access to service provider networks.

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