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Digital twin technology will change life as we know it by 2035: TCS

Digital twin technology will transform business and society by 2035, with widespread adoption coming first in life sciences and retail, to be followed by...

Canada, U.S. among 26 nations urging rules-based control over cyberspace

One expert says the statement is a 'shot across the bow' at countries behind cyber attacks

Security report urges Obama to scrap voluntary cyberspace regulations

A Center for Strategic and International Strategies report recommends mandatory requirements for critical cyber infrastructures which include telecom, energy, finance, and government services

Fate of e-commerce is anything but secure

Information security, or lack thereof, may yet be the death of commerce and business conducted online by Canadian consumers. That

Ottawa unveils cyber-security strategy

Almost $700 million is being spent in a move to shore up Canada's national security, Ottawa announced last month.

Cyberterrorism a matter of when, not if: expert

Conditions are ripe for a digital terrorist attack in Canada, and prudent organizations should plan for the worst, according to one security expert.

Taking the tangle out of the Web

Thoughtshare Communications Inc. of Vancouver has developed a tool to help organize the endless amounts of data culled from our travels through cyberspace.

Have you re-registered your dot-ca?

If domain name registration was the barometer for the lightning expansion of cyberspace, then the lack of re-registration of the dot-ca appendage is an indicator that many on the bandwagon may have simply fallen off.

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