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ServiceNow launches its Now Platform San Diego release

ServiceNow has launched its Now Platform San Diego release, which aims to help organizations move beyond pandemic-induced transformation by driving productivity, scaling automation through the enterprise, and creating better experiences for a hybrid world. 

Saving a municipal Wi-Fi network

City of Lompoc, California finds managing subscribers and controlling access are critical to Wi-Fi network success

Cutbacks at Dell Canada span Edmonton to Ottawa

The PC maker announced it will close a call centre in Edmonton, offering its workers other jobs or pink slips. A spokesman says other centres will handle more calls while an analyst suspects the increase in the Canuck dollar was a factor in the cutbacks

Geeks on the Way pour SugarCRM onto Asterisk

A Calgary-based tech support firm has combined customer relationship management software with Digium

OneCare offered as one-stop antidote to SMB security concerns

While enterprises have the resources to create a strong and secure IT infrastructure, small businesses and consumers may not. Such users need security products that are easy to use, yet offer comprehensive protection, says a Microsoft executive

Air Canada, paint firm investigate CRM

Air Canada Technical Services (ACTS) announced last week that it will implement a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution, enabling it to centralize its data and move away from an IT environment of multiple spreadsheets and databases.

EMC, Compaq move to integrate devices

Compaq and EMC are opening their programming interfaces to each other to make it easier for IT managers to integrate their rival disk arrays on storage networks.

Fall cleaning Web style

All those tough e-business issues you put aside this summer in favour of barbecues and cottage evenings are suddenly front and centre again

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