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State of security operations: 2015 report of capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations

With over a decade of experience supplying the technology at the core of the world’s most advanced cyber defense and enterprise security operations centres...

B.C. Automobile Association ramps up intranet

A provider of full-service emergency roadside assistance, travel and insurance takes a departmentally-structued portal and turns it into something like a daily newspaper for employees. Execs discuss the governance required to make it work

Major UK building society fined over lost laptop

The U.K.'s financial services regulator has levied a heavy fine against the nation's largest building society over a stolen laptop containing confidential customer information.

HealthSource Plus boosts its workflow

For HealthSource Plus, new customer relationship management (CRM) software was more about improving business processes than about acquiring a shiny new piece of technology. The SMB-sized third-party administrator offers management services such as group health benefit plans to Canadian companies.

Microsoft targets small retailers

Microsoft this week unveiled point-of-sale software designed to help small retailers automate sales, inventory and store management tasks. Sophisticated POS packages typically are too complicated and expensive for single-shop retailers, says Mike Dickstein, director of POS solutions in Microsoft's Business Solutions division. The new Microsoft Point of Sale product is geared for these small businesses that don't require server-based systems, he says.

Privacy faces an uphill battle

In a post 9/11 world, where technology is king and concerns over personal safety reign, companies still need to regard customer privacy as a top priority.

A tangled knot

Most organizations do not have their sights set on world domination. Conquering their IT environment is another matter. And when it comes to easy access to customer records and data, untying that enterprise knot of poorly integrated ERP products, mainframes, databases and legacy systems has proved to be just like the fabled Gordian Knot

Intuit strides into CRM market

Tax software maker Intuit Inc. has thrown its hat into the customer relationship management (CRM) ring with its new QuickBooks Customer Manager.

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