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Is your company data-driven?

The value of data-driven decision-making is that it improves the quality of business decisions while reducing the risk of poor, business-killing decisions

Creating people-centric security

By Paul Proctor and Tom Scholtz Gartner, Inc. As bring your own device (BYOD) becomes the norm in many organizations, it creates a growing user base...

Next-generation browsers will supplant OS: Deloitte says

Deloitte makes its Canadian 2009 predictions for Technology, Media and Telecommunications. Why the operating system

SAS launches new BI software platform

CARY, N.C. - SAS Institute Inc., the quiet business intelligence giant, on Tueday released its latest software upgrade

Pen mightier than the password

A recent survey by Rainbow Technologies Inc. indicates that the use of insecure passwords can be costly...

RIM, Palm join forces

Two competitors in the handheld market on Tuesday decided to bury the corporate hatchet and have struck a partnership.

RIM suppliers ramp up corporate offerings

OnSet Technology Inc. and Good Software Inc., which provide applications for the Research In Motion Ltd. hardware platform, have announced e-mail-based software that will further cement RIM's bragging rights to market share leadership in the wireless enterprise.

Lawyers, auditors, clients and data, oh my!

From time immemorial to today, we suffer under an inescapable fact. Total, absolutely impenetrable security, is unachievable.

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