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Hashtag Trending Jan.8- Cybersecurity challenges in 2024; Tech companies still cutting back; OpenAI sued for copyright infringement

2024 promises to have more cybersecurity challenges including a continued shortage of cybersecurity workers.  Are tech companies quietly continuing to cut back. OpenAI is...

Hashtag Trending: Aug. 3, 2017 – Shopify’s new hardware, Apple beats estimates

Shopify’s new products are for in-person sales, Apple’s got a ton of cash, and a cable TV crackdown.

Manager, Pilot Network Services

Opposition politicians and readers weigh in on the copyright bill tabled last June. Michael Geist thinks a new government will make digital rights management a priority

Google users map ‘places in books’

Google Inc. has started integrating its popular mapping service with its controversial books search engine, to let people plot on maps references to places they find in books.

Police nab German lawyer in piracy raid

Continuing its crackdown on software pirates, German police arrested a 46-year-old lawyer, two brothers and a teenager on Thursday for allegedly selling illegal software, movies, games and music through a commercial online service, according to the German Federation Against Copyright Theft (GVU).

IBM seeks to force SCO’s hand in lawsuit

IBM Corp. has filed new documents in its legal dispute with Unix vendor The SCO Group Inc., accusing SCO of having no evidence to back up its copyright infringement claims, and asking the judge to throw a major component of the case out of court.

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