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Bullet point briefing: Tristan Goguen, ILAP

The chief executive officer of Toronto-based Internet Light and Power Inc. touts his firm

Alcatel boosts broadband over copper to 300M bps

There's still life in those old lines if new tricks from a telecom equipment maker can be put into production. Read how it's done

Aliant brings fibre to the home in New Brunswick

Aliant plans to offer FibreOp, through aerial cables, to residents and businesses in Fredericton and Saint John. The province is contributing $1 million to the project.

The pros and cons of hosted PBX

Canadian firms like ZIP Telecom and Enhanced VoIP offer telecom services over the Internet. Analysts from Infonetics and Fox Group offer advice to prospective customers

Medical records sold as scrap paper

Who needs to hack or phish when you can buy records over the counter? Plus, there's no mystery surrounding the latest copper cable cut

SMC to bring out 10G switch for copper networks

SMC Networks will start the new year off by launching what it says will be the industry

Do you know who owns your network?

What are the odds of two triple-nine providers going down at the same time? It depends on if they're backhauling on the same network.

IEEE group settles on faster Ethernet plans

A technical group working on the next generation of Ethernet has agreed to disagree and will now work on a single standard that covers both 40Gbps (bit-per-second) and 100Gbps speeds.

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