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Reaching IT decision makers in Canada

Canada is different from the U.S. and other countries. Those who understand this prosper.

Managing the content layer

Said Bill Gates in January 1996: “Content is king.” The passage of time only reinforces Gates’ core assertion as well as his belief that...

ECM & CRM – a file-management powerhouse for the digital era

Companies have always had to manage paper files. Initially, it was photocopies and faxes, more recently it's Word documents and PDFs. In the digital...

Dark data creates blind spots for organizations

Information that’s not available for people who need it can impede workflows -- and as more data is created by users, the bigger the problem gets

OpenText adds more HP assets as it looks to expand IT portfolio

Adding more HP assets will help the company even further and enhance and differentiate their portfolio, according to an industry analyst

SharePoint requires another layer of security in the age of cloud computing

MetaLogix’s ControlPoint adds real-time machine learning to proactively monitor content for unauthorized access and use

SaaS platform looks to curb the content beast through better distribution and publishing

Enterprises are drowning in content and working against the tide to get it published and shared effectively, so Acquia Inc. has launched a new SaaS platform to make sailing smoother.

Revisit web strategy to respond to web trends

Leverage web trends to raise engagement with your target audience and keep your website relevant

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