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Anti-piracy push nets six lawsuits in Canada

Microsoft celebrated Global Anti-Piracy Day with charges against six Canadian resellers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Chinese consumers hammered Redmond over its policies

Symantec uses anti-virus superhero to promote Internet security in Japan

In a land where monks bless PCs to ward off malware, Symantec is banking on the super powers of Norton Fighter to boost online security awareness

IBM toasts PC

In 1981, enabling a computer to produce a sound like a kazoo was an accomplishment, and one David Bradley was proud of. Today Bradley stakes his pride in being one of the original 12 engineers working on the IBM PC.

IBM celebrates twentieth anniversary of the PC

Even in his wildest dreams David Bradley, an IBM engineer, never thought the PC would shape the world the way it has in its 20-year history that was celebrated yesterday in Toronto.

The bad times of “Good times”

Over the past few years, most network managers have received at least one panicked message warning of...

Future computers will feel your pain

Most, if not all, computer users have at least occasionally felt the urge to boot their machines...

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