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Insource, outsource, everything as a service

A consultant with 24 years in the business shares tips on how to decide if outsourcing works for you

Clearwire aims to reach 120M people in 2010

Despite the troubled U.S. economy, carrier vows to expand wireless WiMAX network to nine U.S. cities this year and add New York City and others next year

Women in Canadian IT: How the best get ahead

Executives from Microsoft, Bell Canada, CATA and others meet at a national forum to talk about how they approach problems compared to their male counterparts. Plus: Can tech jobs be sexy?

Strategic influence to be gained through innovation for CIOs

If they innovate and achieve efficiency on tightened budgets, CIOs will gain the strategic influence they desire, says Bryan MacDonald, director of the CIO practice at recruitment specialists Harvey Nash.

Phantom blogs offer fodder for IT best practices

An anonymous blog about an interview with a former Google employee, now at Microsoft, offers some candid insights into alternative workplace etiquette, as well as a refreshing new twist on effective IT support functions. It's not signed by anyone, and there's no "about" page. It's officially a phantom blog.

Panel: Be skeptical, not complacent about IT

Skepticism about what IT promises to deliver is fine, but businesses should not become complacent about IT, vendor executives and Nicholas Carr, author of

IT’s limited advantage

Technological advantages have been exploited as long as humans have walked the earth. From weaponry to transportation, the first society to master a new technology invariably dominated the age. But often the advantages were short lived.

Business strategizing must precede data analysis

There has been considerable consolidation among business intelligence (BI) software vendors. Just this year, Hyperion Solutions bought Brio Software; Business Objects bought Crystal Decisions; and the CEO of Information Builders has reportedly said a purchase is very likely next year.

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