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Tug-of-war in the public cloud

HP claims a major enterprise win from Amazon; Amazon begs to differ. How enterprises are likely to maintain multiple cloud relationships

Cloud storage spec gets ISO certification

In the hope of giving organizations more confidence in storing data in the cloud, an industry association's standard for securely transferring data has been accepted

Think big to leverage cloud, mobility, CIOs told

Executives tell a Toronto conference that changes in the enterprise mean IT has to embrace a different way of thinking

Telus gets into infrastructure-as-a-service

For just under $1,000 a month organizations can buy compute cycles to add more power to their data centres

Cloud adviser: Where’s your data?

There are still unanswered legal questions on data responsibility in cloud computing. An expert shows how to be prepared

Building applications in the cloud: A tour of the tools

In-cloud development hasn't taken off as many would have expected. Many cloud apps are still coded, tested, and prepped on local machines and then deployed using whatever tools their public, hybrid, or private cloud has. A summary of the online tools

Boeing’s 787 packed with high-tech

VIDEO PLAYLIST: IT WORLD THIS WEEK Eval-Source managing director Keean Persaud on cloud-based ERP, a glimpse into a new super-airliner's technology, and handing out the hardware for our Blogging Idol competition

Four companies rethink databases for the cloud

NimbusDB, Xeround, ParAccel and Cloudant all aim to provide greater scale and elasticity through the development of new database technologies. Find out more

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