Hewlett-Packard COO Bill Veghte closed the company’s Discover conference last week with a blockbuster announcement: that HP had won over HR software-as-a-service provider Workday from Amazon Web Services to HP’s public cloud.
“They are doing that because they want a cloud that they can rely on as an enterprise serving enterprises with some of the most rigorous SLAs in the business,” said Veghte, as reported in CRN.
Saar Gillai, senior vice-president and general manager of HP’s converged cloud, said HP’s new OpenStack-based Cloud Operating System offers enterprises more flexibility to build private and hybrid clouds.
The news of the defection puzzled Amazon representatives. A spokesperson told CRN Workday was still an Amazon customer, and that the relationship is growing. Eventually, Workday confirmed it’s still a happy customer.
So who’s right? As ZDNet editor Larry Dignan points out, it’s likely, especially with adoption of OpenStack, that enterprise will use multiple cloud infrastructures, mixing and matching according to the costs of the workloads.
In fact, it’s likely enterprises will continue to use a mix of in-house, colocated, managed and cloud infrastructure.

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