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CIO Peer Forum 2022: The evolving role of the CIO

The role of the CIO is evolving, but to what? According to a recent panel at the CIO Peer Forum held by the CIO...

The blockchain future Don Tapscott wants for his grandchildren

In the 12 hours before taking the stage to deliver his keynote speech at the CIO Peer Forum in Toronto, author and Blockchain Research...

Carriers can only do so much to help with mobile security: Rogers

Rogers discusses the challenges of mobile security in a BYOD world and suggests 5 tips to help.

Gartner’s ESCAPE model – 6 steps to change leadership

Setting up for a moonshot can seem like a daunting task. To help, Gartner offers six steps to break it down to a series of management changes.

What was it like to be the CIO of Tesla?

The former CIO of Tesla shares four key points to CIO success.

Three things we learned at the CIO Peer Forum’s ‘How to Wow Your Customers’ panel

Listening to your customers impacts the bottom line now more than ever, according to panelists at Toronto event

Thoughts on CIO Peer Forum 2016: practical takeaways, eye-opening insights and at times, just plain riveting

ITWC CIO Jim Love shares his thoughts on this year's CIO Peer Forum event in Toronto

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