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Canada’s Semiconductor Council releases its action plan recommendations

Canada’s Semiconductor Council released its recommendations to reinforce Canada’s semiconductor supply chain on Nov. 23. The report summarized the council’s suggestions for Canada’s short, medium...

Hyundai To Make Chips, Cut Reliance On Chipmakers

Hyundai plans to develop its own chips to reduce dependence on chipmakers.

Apple May Cut iPhone 13 Production Due To Chip Shortage

Apple is expected to cut production of its iPhone 13 by up to 10 million units because of the global chip crisis.

AMD poised to reset and restructure

Chip maker pins hope on cost-cutting and new products to regain profitability by end of 2013

Weak server chip shipments on the horizon, analysts say

Computer makers may order fewer chips on weaker server demand. According to IDC, second-quarter server revenue grew at Dell and Hewlett-Packard as customers refreshed IT infrastructures after delaying purchases during the recession

DRAM makers to get government bailout

As manufacturers face one of the worst market downturns in history, Taiwan, Germany and South Korea all appear poised to offer some assistance to their DRAM chip makers

HP tech lets chips live with defects

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) believe they have developed a manufacturing technique that will allow chip makers to push the performance envelope after conventional transistors reach the atomic level. The technique, based on a mathematical principle called coding theory, will let future generations of microprocessor circuits be reliably manufactured in high volumes, according to HP.

TSMC breakthrough shrinks transistors 10-fold

Contract-chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) Wednesday announced it has produced a working device that incorporates a new transistor type which will allow the company to produce transistors that are 10 times smaller than the smallest transistors that can be produced today.

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