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CanadianCIO Census needs you to help cut through the hype

The Canadian CIO Census provides valuable insights into what leads to an increased budget and where that money can be spent to a CIO's greatest satisfaction.

Ontario’s digital officer modernizing government one service at a time

Ontario’ first chief digital officer has been on the job since April and has spent the first several months slowly chipping away at the government’s old legacy services.

Vancouver’s chief technology officer keeping the city ahead of the digital curve

Digital transformation is crucial for any organization's survival in this day and age, and when thinking of technologically advanced industries, government would not be the first to come to mind. But Vancouver's chief technology officer Jessie Adcock is trying to erase the notion that public institutions can’t be innovative.

The evolving role of CIOs and how the board can spark transformation

To survive in the new business era, the company needs a digital transformation leader. The responsibility of incorporating macro tech trends into company strategy is a role that must be elevated to the highest level of the C-suite.

Ontario’s first Chief Digital Officer tackling provincial problems through a digital lens

It’s no secret that governments move at a glacial pace when it comes to making decisions and adopting new technology, but the province of Ontario is hoping to change that with its new hire.

Ontario hires new Chief Digital Officer

The Ontario government is bolstering its digital profile with its latest hire and new chief digital officer.

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