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Mac-Windows compatibility headed to Office 2011

Microsoft will include features ported from Windows' Office 2010, including Excel's Sparkline. The Mac version of the office productivity suite is slated for an October launch

SkyService pilots replace paper with tablet PCs

The Toronto airline deployed wireless rugged tablet PCs in an effort to improve operational efficiency and pilot productivity. Why the tablets are designed to withstand the rugged environment of an airplane cockpit

Data visualization techniques add impact to BI

Graphical representations of data are powerful decision-support tools. Their immediate visual impact and ability to provide context also make them very efficient communications media. For these reasons, graphics have become a staple of business intelligence (BI) applications.


Not only is Matt Anderson, CIO of University Health Network, an innovative IT leader, as described in the August issue of CIO Canada, he is also an accomplished writer. In the following article, he describes how UHN is using IT to support the delivery of care and business processes.

A double-edged sword

For inherently social beasts that crave the latest gossip, humans demonstrate an entirely different attitude toward personal privacy.

Hummingbird Communications BI/Suite 6.0

BI/Suite 6.0 sharpens business acuity

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