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Taking a trip with your Android devices

One of the upsides of business travel is getting the chance to visit a lot of different places and see new things. But one...

Greener recharging with Toshiba

The Dynario charger from Toshiba can power cell phone batteries by producing electricity from methanol, water and air

Apple snubs universal cell phone charger pact

How Apple's reluctance to alter the design of its popular iPhone could impact plans to standardize

Green IT doesn’t have to be this hard

Environmentalists want action on energy consumption and global warming, and technology can play an important role. How to save the planet the easy way

Eight ways to go green

You don't have to drive a Prius, have a worm bin out back, or keep a picture of Al Gore under your pillow to be concerned about saving energy and natural resources. I think everyone can agree that saving money is good. It just so happens that reducing the amount of electricity your computer, monitor, printer, and other electronic devices use is both environmentally friendly and economical. It's also easy when you know how. Here are eight ways to do that and more.

Green gadgets offer convenience to the carefree

Helping the environment has been hard for everyone. But thanks to three quiet "revolutions," it's about to get a lot easier.

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