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Canadian households have $6 billion worth of dead cell phones lying around

Canadian households have 60 million idle phones lying around, leaving a whopping C$6 billion in untapped money, an April 2022 study by Pollfish and...

Ekahau unveils Wi-Fi interference detector tool

The dual-band spectrum analyzer plugs into a USB port and plots signal strength of other wireless devices on a graph. The manufacturer says this helps detect Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens or other hardware giving off 2.4 GHz waves that could interfere with an 802.11 network

App cuts cellular costs, adds link to unified communications

The Agito RoamAnywhere Mobility Router now works with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Avaya One-X Mobile. Find out how it offloads cellular traffic on to wireless LANs


At the most benign it will mean more pop-up ads for the Starbucks a block away from where you are. We will only find out about the other extreme over time

Sony to slash 8,000 positions, close factories

Five or six of Sony's 57 manufacturing plants will shut its doors as the global electronics firm restructures its core business

Enterprise remains skeptical of fixed-mobile convergence

The idea of mobile devices that can easily switch between WiFi and cellular connections continues to be a challenge within the ill-defined realm of unified communications. Here are examples of how some organizations try to bridge the cell phone gap

Rash decision over cell phone rash

Take a hike BlackBerry thumb, a clever PR guy thinks it's time worry about mobile phone dermatitis.

RCMP tackles cyber crime with tech training

Canadian law enforcement officials, including the RCMP, have launched a partnership with Microsoft to receive training on the latest technologies and threats in order to tackle the increasingly sophisticated world of cyber crime.

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