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Carleton and SNC-Lavalin team up to protect critical utility telecom infrastructure

Canada’s only university to offer a communications engineering program has joined forces with one of the country’s biggest engineering and construction firms to protect telecommunication infrastructure that’s critical to the power utility industry.

Experts weigh in on Brexit’s IT impact

Experts from Gartner, Ryerson University, and more offer their opinion on the impact of Brexit in the IT world

You’ll never guess what animal the new IoT research chair at Carleton wired up

Cisco Canada is funding a $1.8 million research chair at Carleton University that will focus on the Internet of Things. You won't believe how the chair's holder learned how designing for user needs is really important.

Governments eyed early computers for lotteries, traffic and letters

The 1950s saw the first appearance of generally available computers, which led governments at all levels to begin exploring their possible use.

Statscan reports big jump in Internet use

Canadians are putting to rest speculation that interest in the Internet is waning; according to Statscan figures released Thursday.

Ottawa Builds A Smart Community

The SmartCapital project, which earned the Ottawa-Carleton Region the right to represent Ontario in the federal government's Smart Communities program, has the daunting task of trying to be all things to all people.

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