Articles Related to Canadian CIOs

Roundtable examines stark differences in a CIO’s role today versus the past

A recent roundtable organized by The IT Media Group explored the “rapidly evolving” role of the chief information officer (CIO), which ultimately means incumbents...

CIOCAN celebrates growth and member accomplishments at its annual Peer Forum

The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN), held its annual Peer Forum in Toronto earlier this month, an event that brings together chief information officers...

Gartner panel explores how citizen needs impact digital strategies

How digital should your organization be? It was a simple question posed to a group of senior government IT executives in a roundtable discussion...

Your organization’s security revolves around one thing: your people

Data and IT systems security are often viewed as the responsibility of the CIO. In truth, data security is the domain of everybody in the organization. Not focusing on the human side of security can put everything at risk.

How CIOs can pioneer digital transformation

By Daniel Sanchez Reina Gartner Many of the world’s most influential CEOs have one thing in common: they led and grew their businesses with inventions that...

CEOs are leaning on CIOs to do a lot more, says new report, but few CIOs are following through

A new survey from Oxford Economics reaffirms the notion that business skills, not technology skills, are becoming more important for a chief information officer...

CIOs lead digital transformation efforts into 2019, research shows

CIOs are more often taking the charge on rebuilding businesses from within to be digital-first.

Ethical AI standards and the Canadian group making it happen

A group of public sector and private sector CIOs is working to create a set of ethical standards that will guide Canadian businesses in using and developing AI.

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