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Canada needs to back up on its back-up

Users want it all, but IT doesn

Limited Canadian IT growth predicted

In an analysis of the Canadian IT market for its U.S. and international clients, Forrester Research is projecting a moderate increase in Canadian IT spending of four per cent in 2006, continuing two years of slow growth.

Open source a boon to overall software usage

While Canadian businesses are increasingly benefiting from free open-source software, they continue to shell out billions for software licences. From Linux to SugarCRM and at all points in between, open source is changing software market dynamics

Mobility a big factor for younger IT staff

Service providers and vendors are pitching mobility to the enterprise based on potential productivity gains, but analysts say attracting the top young talent and immigrants in a competitive labour environment provides another compelling case for adoption.

In-house IT: Small firms might consider a divorce

If they had to do IT all over again, some companies might decide not to do it themselves. It

IT security indecision: Courting the cyberwolves

There isn't a more searing hot-button issue than security when it comes to business technology.Few topics get as much mass airplay or attention from vendors, customers and the general public. Judging by the noise surrounding IT security, you'd assume that every business in Canada was zealously plugging up the many seeping cracks that seem to form relentlessly within networks, in an effort to fend off viruses, worms, trojans, spam, spyware, phishing scams and an assortment of other bizarrely named intrusions and digital corruptions.

Canadian businesses are embracing mobility

More and more Canadian businesses are adopting mobile technology to help them better compete and be more productive, according to a survey conducted by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

Patently remarkable: Ottawa

The Canadian government

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