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HTC unveils updated iPhone 3G rival and Touch Pro2

Both handsets include customized versions of Windows Mobile 6.1 and larger screens. Find out what Push Internet can do for you

Eight favourite social engineering tactics

Here's a refresher course on some of the most prevalent social engineering tricks used on the phone, e-mail and Web

What’s rude is rude, even in e-mail

If they're fightin' words face to face, think about toning down the content of that message

Shark tank

Let’s try this one more time A firm offers ways to contact IT for help. “I got a panicked call directly from...

Using traceback to find Mr. Wrong

Some jerk is targeting your employees, or trying to gum up your systems and you want to know who it is. The latest

Eyeball VoIP networks now before the SPIT hits

Security experts are in total agreement that the emergence of SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony) is inevitable. No official cases of SPIT have yet been documented, but that

Talk tech beats touch tone at ministry call centre

The ministry's Natural Resources Information Centre (NRIC) recently rolled out ICE3, an automated call centre communications system that enables callers to obtain information about MNR and its 43 field offices through interactive, self-service speech-recognition technology. Callers are prompted to utter words or phrases pre-recorded in the system.

3Com launches set of products for IP telephony

Tools designed to help companies converge voice and data networks onto the Internet Protocol, including a new version of an enterprise-class IP voice module that runs on Linux-based servers.

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