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Director of distributed systems, First American Corp.

With virtualization, British Columbia's health administrator saves $70,000 a year on hydro alone, but probably will not jump on the off-premise bandwagon anytime soon. What two VMware customers had to say at VMWorld

Remote ski resort connects POS system via satellite

People say they go to pristine but remote resorts to get away from it all

Mesh moves into the wireless office

A costly and complex aspect of today's wireless networks can sometimes be the very component they're supposed to eliminate: cabling. Emerging 802.11-based mesh networks attempt to resolve this irony by using more radio spectrum and less wire in the form of Ethernet cabling than traditional wireless LANs.

Technologists push Ethernet to new areas

Experts a recent networking conference gave a preview of some of these new Ethernet frontiers, which include Layer 2 Ethernet for last-mile access and squeezing 10 billion bits of data over a Category 6 cable

10G still prepping for big dance

While not yet a technology for the masses, more corporations are adopting 10G Ethernet as prices fall and vendors refine their 10G product portfolios.

Virtual options pose real challenges for network admins

Your data centre topology is starting to scare you. You've got firewalls connected to VPN termination devices connected to load balancers connected to intrusion-detection systems, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) offloaders, distributed denial-of-service appliances, caches - all sitting in front of your server farm and back-end data storage.

Kevin Tolly: The techno-jumble that would have been Lucatel

This new Lucent/Alcatel would have been more like a cartel than a company.

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