Friday, August 12, 2022

Joanie Wexler


As network traffic surges, so does demand for storage

With Web data, mobile data and video traffic growing at double digits, the pressure for IT to supply more storage continues.

Moving Wi-Fi complexity into the cloud

Meraki, Areohive and Aruba are hosting wireless local-area network management tools and HiveManager is now available as a cloud service

Mesh moves into the wireless office

A costly and complex aspect of today's wireless networks can sometimes be the very component they're supposed to eliminate: cabling. Emerging 802.11-based mesh networks attempt to resolve this irony by using more radio spectrum and less wire in the form of Ethernet cabling than traditional wireless LANs.

Crafting a wireless network strategy

Pockets of wireless connectivity abound, making mobile and remote work easier than ever. The trouble is with today's wealth of wireless networks - mobile 2.5G WANs, satellite, broadband wireless last-mile Internet access, Bluetooth personal-area networks, and paging and messaging services - in various stages of standardization and deployment, and applications overlap, make crafting an integrated wireless network plan a tough task.

Focus should be on mobility, Kumar says

Computer Associates reinforced its commitment to extend enterprise management to mobile devices with a three-way mobile service partnership and a new product that accelerates the mobilization of existing enterprise applications.

Keep an eye on contract managers

The management mantra "delegate, delegate, delegate" can be an invaluable guide. But relying too heavily on this...

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