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The CIO you don’t want to be

The former CIO for AT&T Universal Card, Los Angeles County and other organizations discusses those people who turn out to be less of a role model than a cautionary tale

Career advice: Large enterprise or small company?

William C. Brown, vice-president and CIO at Iron Mountain, answers questions about working for a large enterprise, moving into a leadership position, and opposing a move to cloud computing

Beware the cyberslackers

Employees spending too much time surfing the Web pose serious security risks and network performance issues to your IT infrastructure. Plus, they waste an awful lot of their own time. Five tips for a better acceptable use policy

Turn on the cash tap: Supply chain dynamics and IT

Smart IT executives have always known that money and the supply chain are inseparably linked. When the ties between the financial and physical supply chain are supported within an optimal IT infrastructure, cash can be dramatically improved, even in tough times

CIO development – growing the next IT leaders

Is IT commanding the attention it should? A spate of surveys conducted towards the end of last year all seem to point in the opposite direction - CIOs seem to becoming generally less influential.

Inside the new Big Blue: A Q&A with IBM’s CIO

Mark Hennessy speaks candidly on transforming the IT orgaization at Big Blue, fostering a culture of innovation, managing IT during the financial crisis, maximizing the value of social networking tools, and taking advantage of an imminent technological game-changer

What limits for centralized IT management?

Should IT managers control all aspects of a company

Microsoft’s Bill Buxton explores innovative cultures

The former chief scientist of Alias Wavefront and principal researcher at Redmond tells a Toronto audience how they can create an environment that encourages fresh ideas. T4G gives it a thumbs-up

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