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Budget 2023 environmental component earns solid thumbs up from assorted organizations

Reaction to the latest federal budget from a host of organizations has been positive, largely because of the many measures related to clean technology,...

Overcoming the barriers to digital transformation

Covid-19 has accelerated the journey to digital transformation, demonstrating the perils of being left behind on the digital highway. Knowing the importance of DX...

Five ways to bolster your IT budget in 2016

CIOs need to have some candid conversations with project sponsors to bolster their budgets in 2016. Here are a few talking points

What does the IT department really do?

At some point in your career, you will need explain the services that are provided by the IT department to those granting next year's budget dollar, in...

Interactive map: Which Canadian region spends the most on IT security?

IDC's data is the third layer we've added to our Google Map, which also includes the most recent cybercrime from Statistics Canada and other sources

Should ERP customers consider third-party support?

A recent report from Gartner give some perspective on ERP maintenance and support. The report presents the topic from different angles including justification/the business case,...

The vice that can squeeze IS departments

Executives want to trim the IT budget but the rest of the company always wants more spending. Here’s how a skillful CIO can respond

The State of Canadian SMB

What are Canadian businesses planning to spend their IT budget on this year? Will that budget be greater or lesser than previous years? What...

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